Craft Show Display

I thought it might be fun if I showed my display from my recent craft show and include a few tips for some crafty people participating in there first show. I use this set-up for the small indoor shows. I was able to fit my entire display including the two tables, two chairs and three totes full of inventory and display props onto a fold-up dolly. I made one trip from the car and set-up by myself within an hour. The round tables fit my theme much better than a rectangular table would and the best part they are put together like a puzzle and easily fit in my car. I think its important to raise the items up onto props instead of having them lie flat on the table like some cheap garage sale. I'm always on the lookout for tiny tables and boxes for props and I found most of mine at Michaels on clearance. Sometimes the props may have been the wrong color so I painted them white for a consistent look. The table coverings were made inexpensively with felt and have a scalloped edge. Generally my display made people happy and drove a lot of parents nuts from their kids begging for something from Fantastic Toys. :)

I bought the DVD player at Target for under a hundred bucks much cheaper than some of those digital photo frames. With the DVD player I am able to make custom slide shows presenting my past work and items I may not be able to bring to the show but have available at my etsy shop. At past shows I've run out of business cards. I made sure I plenty for this show. I printed my fake moo cards at the local print shop and cut them all myself. The free stickers were also a big hit with the kids.

This year I introduced some items at lower price points and they were a hit. Although I sold some higher priced items many more buttons, stickers, and Russian doll keychains sold for $6.00 and under.

I price everything with stickers or standing tags. I think its more convenient for customers to see the price instead of asking how much something is. Sales could be missed if I'm busy with a customer and something is not priced. Having a sign displaying which credit cards I take also prevents this from happening. I use Propay to process the credit cards. It is very easy and they only charge a small fee.

Participating in craft shows can be very exciting. Its a great way to meet new artists and expose your work to lots of people. I'll just wrap this up with a few key tips. Feel free to add some more if you wish. See you at the next show!

• Prop your items up with boxes, tables or stands.
• Include a DVD player or digital photo frame to show past work.
• Bring plenty of business cards.
• Have multiple price points.
• Price everything.
• Take credit cards!


  1. What an inspiring post! You've created a fantastic display that really showcases your work well. I just love how you've managed to make your tables into a little magical world - I don't know how anyone would be able to resist that much cuteness!

  2. Wow Tim- your display looks fantastic! I love the DVD player idea- genius. So glad it went well!

    Are we going to see the cute flower brooches in your Etsy shop?

  3. Thank you both! I can't wait for my next show .. my display will be twice as big.

    Yes Nia I'm waiting for a sunny day to take some photos them I'll list the flower brooches in my shop. :)

  4. I think you may do the most fun work on the planet! I always wanted to be Santa because I love giving gifts, making things, and kids. I think you may be better qualified! At the least you make a Fantastic head Elf! I bought one of your pink fawns for my daughter. . . well it was really for me (I had to have it!) but it does look great in her room! And she loves it. Bonus! ;)

  5. Very cute and fun display! Makes me nervous for setting up my would I compete with that??

  6. Oh my! I just got attacked by cuteness! Your items are absolutely lovely. If I was at this show, I would buy one in an instant. Great work! I will be keeping you in mind for upcoming Christmas gifts.

    Take care and thank you for putting a smile on my face. :)

  7. I love this post! It inspires me not only for my up and coming craft show, but just to be creative!! It's really gorgeous!!


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