Birthday Party Playset

I started this Birthday party playset back in December but got sidetracked with many other things. It features a pink paper cake with two slices of cake, party hats and even some B-Day cards.


  1. I would love to make up that set for my god-daughters' birthdays! Thanks for always coming up with something new.

  2. Forgot to leave my email!

  3. Your paper toys are always lovely, I would like to review this on my Paper Toy Fridays ass soon as i finish my blog template ^_^

    Have a wonderful Day and Keep Creating

    Denise Cortez

  4. Oh this is beautiful!!! You never seize to amaze!

    If I qualify I'd love a copy!

  5. Hi, I just found you blog and I LOVE IT! Your work is amazingly cute! I can read there´s some kind of qualifying to get this kit? If I don qualify please consider me.

    Patricia in Argentina

  6. wow that is so cool
    i would love to use this in a show i am producing for infants and i think that they would love it too

    Sam Lewis

  7. This kit is soooo amazingly cute! Is it possible to get the file for this? I would love to make this for my little niece!


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