In Progress - Mushroom Cottage Dollhouse

Ever since I made my first paper toy, the gnome mushroom cottage I've wanted a to make a dollhouse version. This tiny dollhouse is part of a series of paper mushroom cottages I hope to finish soon. Gnomie the gnome lives in this red capped cottage complete with paper furnishings. I just love the wood grain furniture and all the other details of the house. I 'm thinking some of Gnomie's animal friends and a vegetable garden will complete this playset. :) I've included the original rough sketch of my idea to show some of the process involved when I create new toys.

Cupcake Cottage Favor Box

Yay another item checked off my list of toys to make! The cupcake cottage favor box can be used to hold novelties or even as a cupcake box. The best part of this photo shoot was getting to eat the cupcake at the end. :) Available as a PDF download in my Etsy shop.

Sewing Machine and Friends

A couple of weeks ago I posted a sneak peek of this set and now its finished and available in my etsy shop. Meet happy sewing machine and his friends the iron and tomato pin cushion. Eventually I'd like to do more with these characters. I'm thinking a little paper tea set would also be cute in this style. Right now I'm working on two other paper toys that should be finished shortly.

Dazzled by Zazzle

How cool is this! has got to be the funnest website to make products from your own illustrations. It features hundred of items to place images on including t-shirts, skateboards and even shoes! Its really high tech and it allows you to see the product as it would look finished. It does however require the latest flash update to properly function.You can even set up shop and sell products with your images and get a percentage of the sale. I'm slowly getting use to the site but eventually I'll have items available in my Zazzle shop. What do you think? Should I design more products?

I spent the whole day playing and I came up with a few items. A tote to carry all your crafty purchases with my newest pin cushion character. Or a pair of Matryoshka slip-ons for your little girl. Don't forget the two tone coffee mug with cute mushroom cottages. Imagine the possibilities!

Toys From My Collection

These are some of the toys I've picked up through the years. Some are vintage, some are new and some are made by me and other artists. I've always been attracted to old toys. I believe thats the reason I started making toys because good antique toys are difficult to find and rather expensive.This particular collection surround me at my computer desk and hutch.

My grandmothers doll, Steiff kitten, Steiff hare hand puppet and miniature White Rabbit doll made by me.

Clown Moody Doll, Steiff duckie, mechanical dancing clown handcrafted by me and Pinnochio miniature doll also made by me.

A mixture of old and new kitschy items I couldn't live without. Some of the toys are picked up on my travels and some are made by toy artists. My favorite happens to be the vintage Charlie Brown in the top left corner. I had seen that doll in a book of mine and wished to have it and year or two later I found in a shop that sold old toys. A Tracy Mcman push puppet and Erica Daley spool dollie are some the artist toys I've purchased.

Pom Pom Bunny and Mushroom Egg Tutorial

Just in time for the Easter holiday, a simple and sweet Easter tutorial! This has to be my easiest crafty tute so far. The young ones will be delighted with this cute little bunny and mushroom egg.The bunnies are made with three different sizes of pom poms and a bit of felt. I purchased the wooden eggs for the mushrooms at Michael's. The wooden eggs are great because they're already painted white and they have a flat bottom to stand upright. You could also use blown eggs which can be a bit messy and quite tricky. Another option is to put a string on the mushroom egg to hang from your Easter tree.
Have fun and Happy Easter!

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited.

Download Instructions and Pattern

Materials Required

Red, White, Pink, and Black Felt
1/2”, 2”, 1 1/2” Pom Poms
Wooden or Blown Egg


1. Print pattern and cut out pattern pieces.
2. Pin or trace pattern pieces onto felt scraps and cut out felt pieces from pattern. Use a paper punch to punch out bunny nose and eyes.
3. Glue ears to back of 1 1/2” pom pom. Assemble bunny together using 2” pom pom for body and 1/2” for tail. Glue bunny face to head.
4. Create mushroom cap by overlapping access to create wide cone. Glue felt spots to mushroom cap.
5. Finish mushroom egg by gluing felt cap to wooden or blown egg.

Don't forget last years Easter freebie!
Download Printable Easter Cone
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