Dazzled by Zazzle

How cool is this! Zazzle.com has got to be the funnest website to make products from your own illustrations. It features hundred of items to place images on including t-shirts, skateboards and even shoes! Its really high tech and it allows you to see the product as it would look finished. It does however require the latest flash update to properly function.You can even set up shop and sell products with your images and get a percentage of the sale. I'm slowly getting use to the site but eventually I'll have items available in my Zazzle shop. What do you think? Should I design more products?

I spent the whole day playing and I came up with a few items. A tote to carry all your crafty purchases with my newest pin cushion character. Or a pair of Matryoshka slip-ons for your little girl. Don't forget the two tone coffee mug with cute mushroom cottages. Imagine the possibilities!


  1. Son tiernos estos objetos. que pases una linda semana.

  2. I can not get over how amazing these look... all of them! very, very cool

  3. The pincushion is genius! I love it! I would totally buy a mug too, I think you should definitely make some! Gorgeous!

  4. I love the Matryoshka slip-ons they're really cute!!!

  5. i'm a grown women and need those shoes!!! they are darling :)

  6. wow, you do have big talent! Keep on creating! :D
    And I loooove the matryoshka shoes!! And the mugs too!



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