In Progress - Mushroom Cottage Dollhouse

Ever since I made my first paper toy, the gnome mushroom cottage I've wanted a to make a dollhouse version. This tiny dollhouse is part of a series of paper mushroom cottages I hope to finish soon. Gnomie the gnome lives in this red capped cottage complete with paper furnishings. I just love the wood grain furniture and all the other details of the house. I 'm thinking some of Gnomie's animal friends and a vegetable garden will complete this playset. :) I've included the original rough sketch of my idea to show some of the process involved when I create new toys.


  1. I can't wait til this comes to your shop1 It's adorable and I want one!

  2. you must have such fun dreaming up these wonderful little paper playthings. everything is just so whimiscal.

  3. Hello Tim! I have awarded you the Sunshine Award because I enjoy your following your blog.

    Are you are busy as I am preparing for Craftstravaganza?! Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Some serious adorability going on around here!


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