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After making some new logos for my blog I thought I should tackle the website again. As much as I love, LOVE my current website splash page its almost impossible to make changes being that it's essentially an illustration. Ideally I would like something that would have a blog, gallery and shop with cart. But since I'm doing everything from scratch its an endless task. I thought my blog would be a good place to get some feedback. If you any ideas please share. Do you like the current website or do you like the new direction I'm going in?

Current website is an illustration with animation. Roll over the flowers and they move. B-fly boy flutters wings. Impossible to move elements around. I can only add text in text box. I like the illustration style but have pretty much abandoned it in favor of faster vector graphics.

New direction I'm going in. I have kept most of the elements from the original but have gone with a handmade look. I like that it looks like cut paper illustration and there are elements of sewing in it. I think it reflects my style more and the direction I'm going with as far as what my store will carry... i.e. dyi kits and paper crafts. It is however missing any visual reference to softies. Even though it still needs works I like the user friendly menu on top. I'm thinking the rollover flowers on the bottom is too cluttered and might remove it entirely but will miss the animation. Maybe some photos to replace it?

So what do you think? I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks


  1. i actually think a small montage of your softies and paper work would look great and give the viewer/customer an immediate idea of your style. you can still have all the other stuff like shop cart etc.. but it would just be visualy more dramatic and instantly appealing. xxrosey

  2. Hi Tim! I really like the look of the new 'handmade' layout. I like the menu on top, and the rollover flowers are adorable, could they be kept as a bit of animated fun? I definitely think there should be some reference to your softies, (possibly an animated fawn?) as they are such an important part of Fantastic Toys!

  3. Hi

    I love both your layouts! How about if you changed the flowers to images of your animated toys? Or vector versions of them so they could still be animated. That way you could solve both probs?

  4. I like the new direction you're going in, Tim. It has that more "handmade" feel and I think it also goes well with your paper creations.

  5. love your layout! it looks really playful and compliments your craft perfectly.

    oh, and I tag your blog!

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