New look finished!

I'm so happy with the new look of my website. I think it really reflects the Fantastic Toys style so much better now. The pastels, scalIoped trim, ric-rac are all elements I use in my creations. The page literally looks "handmade" now. I just about gave up but I pushed on. I swear I think I have a blood clot in my leg because I've been sitting in front of the computer so long. I need to finish some of the remaining pages, the shop in particular. You should see my cart icon.. its a little wheel barrow. :) Anyways it should be live by the end of the week, wheather or not I finish the shop page.


  1. Oh wow!! I'm going to go play on your new website! How fun...
    Good Job!

  2. i love the look of your's soo cute!!! great shop too on etsy=)

    kind regards,

  3. that is perfect. the use of your actual softies gives the reader such a clear picture of what you sell. well done!! good luck with the sales. xxrosey

  4. The new look is so cute! I really like the paper cutout look, and all the little details like the ric-rac and little stitches and all.
    Super work!

  5. ps-just wanted to let you know that i added you to my blog list! really like the look of your blog and your little white reindeer is too too cute!!! best wishes for your shop this holiday season!

  6. Nice to find your blog! gratulations for your work! i think its wonderful!


  7. Hi I have been looking at your work for a while on flicker. When I saw your new stuff for Christmas pop up on flickr I thought I would cheek out your blog!I don't know why but I was really surprised your a bloke! A bit silly really but your softies are so yummy and cute I had imagined their maker to be a lady. Keep up the good work and the website is looking good, nice and simple.

  8. Hi,,, I ran across your site and blog on lollishops. I am there too. I am in the beta group, so its not going to be long now. BUT, I had to tell you, I love,love,love your work. So original and just cute as can be :) I am going to be following your blog. LOL Happy creating, gail


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