Little Red Dot - Super Plush

Super Plush is one show I wish I could have gone to this year. I've done four plush shows this year mailing my softies around the country unable to attend. I was lucky enough to exhibit with 20 of the most talented plush artists around. My Paper Crane and Chikagraphy to name a few. Thanks to
Princess Meech and Effunia Flickr sets I was able to attend vicariously through their photos. Seeing a little red dot is always nice too!


  1. great skunk! the plush exhibit is so different than i expected it to be. xx rosey

  2. Did you expect it to be better or worse?

  3. Loving the Christmas collection!

  4. oh my gosh those little skunks.. your plushes are amazing.

  5. those little squirrels are just soo cute!!


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