Less Than Two Weeks Until the Big Show

I've been busy, BUSY getting ready for the Powderhorn Art Fair. Heres some stuff I finished in the last week. I'm absolutely thrilled about my new business cards and my handmade banner.

Die Cut Mushroom Cottage Business Cards

Finished Banner

Plushie Keychains


  1. Your business cards are so adorable - what a great idea! Good luck with the show :)

  2. Love, love your business cards! And the banner is too, too cute!

  3. Looks great!
    I'm in the twin cities too - did you use someone local for those diecut cards?
    I'm in the need of new ones!

  4. No not local. I design them and have Accucut make a custom die. I then have them printed on heavy cardstock and cut them all with my Accucut Grande Mark.

    Check out the possibilities here.



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