Fantastic Toys Brand New Website!!!

I'm over the moon with my much improved website! I fell instantly in love with Goodsie! The name - so cute! The format so simple, clean and modern. Goodsie allows you to make your own branded shop online. Plus, the fact that it accepts digital content with instant downloads, I was head over heels. Goodsies integration with Fetch allows me to send my PDF printables immediately upon purchase. No more waiting for printables! I have been waiting years for this. Finally a professional website with a cart! I can't recommend Goodsie enough. Here are some of the benefits of having a shop with Goodsie.

• Fun and easy to use!
• Create your OWN custom website.
• Use your own custom domain.
• Great price with unlimited products. $15.00 only!
• Accepts digital downloads including PDFs.
• Embed portfolio or videos.
• Paypal and 3 other ways for your customer to pay.
• A shop on your Facebook page!
• Great customer service!!!
I was also able to combine my blog seamlessly with my shop. My blog as you may know has cute crafty tutorials. In a mad dash to find storage for my free PDFs I discovered Google Docs. My tutorial documents can now be previewed before printing. How convenient is that!

In addition to shopping at my website, Goodsie has a Facebook app. That's right an app that allows the customer to shop directly on my Facebook page. How cool is that!


  1. Thanks for the goodsie info, it sounds great. What is your experience with the sales reporting aspect? When you make sales, does goodsie track them for you in any way or do you have to sift through your Paypal records.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Betz,
    Yes there is an order page that displays the order #, item sold, and buyer info.


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