~ Alice ~

Over the years I've revisited the the story of Alice in Wonderland and have done my best to capture the spirit of the book in my artistic style at the time. Here is an interesting look at how my style has changed the past 15 years. With each period I have learned something new and evolved as an artist.
I created this depiction of the "Mad Tea Party" at the time I was making miniature dolls. My intention was to pay homage to Tenniel's original illustrations. I made this set around 2005. I wasn't doing much illustration at the time, my focus was on sculpting. The clothing is hand sewn by me.
In the 90's I was into the Tim Burton style. My style was a bit darker and more frenetic. This is a mixed media illustration I did in water color, ink and color pencil.
Shortly after I created the illustration above I made these working marionettes out of polymer clay. I checked out a vintage book from the library and learned how to make marionettes. I couldn't even sew at the time. A friend made the clothing for me. I have since taught myself how to sew.
Finally in my current kawaii style I have combined my illustration and sculpting skills to make this vibrant depiction of Alice and the characters she meets in Wonderland. I have gone back to my original illustration roots when my drawings were sweet and simple. More details of this playset will be revealed in a few days.

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