Fabric Shopping in Paris!

At the base of the Sacre Coeur east of the Carousel I wandered into Montmartre's fabric district. As with all shopping in Paris, items spill into the sidewalks including the fabric shops enticing you into the shop. There are no big box chain stores, only individual tissus/mercerie (fabric/notions) shops lining the streets. This particular area seemed to go on for at least a few blocks. If I lived in Paris I'm sure this is an area I would frequently visit.
My favorite was a charming shop called Moline, 1 place St Pierre established in 1879. Yes thats right 1879! The Mercerie had everything you needed to create your craft items.The store was arranged with different areas. The photos below depict entry into the shop, the calico print fabric room and a wall of buttons.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm going to Paris in October and planning on doing lots of fabric shopping. Now I will know where to go :)

  2. The shopping looks so fun! I love how there is a lack of chain stores in Europe. It is sad that little shops like these rarely survive in the US today.

  3. wow that beautiful shopping...wonderful things treasure....this place is same a place in before sunset movie...with julie delphi...i love this vintage...in paris
    hug from brasil sisi

  4. oooooo i would spend a fortune! and the accent would get me to spend even more.! x


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