L' Orangerie ~ My Happy Place!

When times are tough and I'm stressed out, sometimes I would try to imagine a place where everything is calm, relaxed, lovely. Typically it is some kind of garden but I didn't really know what it looked like. I tried to imagine something beautiful but it could never measure up to something as sublime as this.
As I'm rushing to see everything on my tour of Versailles Garden before the bus leaves, I discovered this beautiful garden. I don't know what it is about topiary trees but I 've always found them fascinating. L'Orangerie was by far one of the highlights of my trip to Paris. The garden featured hundreds of petite orange trees and ornamental topiaries. As I was leaving I noticed a lovely pale yellow snail gliding along the leaves of one of the sculptured topiary trees. It was a sight to behold and one I'll never forget. This is my happy place!

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