My New Toy

With little time to finish my huge wholesale order I thought it was best to invest in a Accucut die cut machine. It has been such a tremendous time saver. I was able to cut a bag full of fawn spots in about an hour. In the past I would have had to cut each one out by hand. With over 50 fawns to make it was well worth the price for the timed saved. I also had a custom die made for the eyes. Now I have perfectly shaped fawn eyes for each fawn.

Accucut Grande Mark is such a beast it takes up my whole table.

Fawn Spots


  1. So, you are sort of a robot after all! :D
    That looks like a super machine.

  2. oh wow- you are my hero, i've been dreaming of such a machine and didn't even know it existed! I've been cutting a lot of dots lately too... I think I will have to save up my money from my plush sales and invest into one of these. It looks so fun! And you can use it in so many different ways. Have you done any custom die plates yet?

  3. oh and i forgot to say... i can't believe you've produced so much cuteness in such a short time!

  4. They have Accucut die cutters in three sizes at three price points. As far as I know they are the only systems where you can make custom shapes. Although I did find Ellison the other day which may also have custom dies available.

    I had a die made for the fawn and owl eyes. The custom dies can get pretty spendy though. I only buy one if I know I can use it for multiple items. The turn a round was fast, only 5 business days.

  5. AWESOME! I was looking at one of these recently.


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