Colossal Wholsale Order

The reason I've been missing for awhile is because I've been steadily working on a wholesale order for Easter. I had to take a pic of the stuff so I just piled it all on the table. I still have a lot to do. Thanks to my mom and other helpers I may just finish it before the deadline. I also placed my first Spoonflower order for over 30 yards of fabric. I was a little nervous placing an order for so many yards but I was pleased with the quality of printing and can't wait to place my next order. I'll be making 72 Easter Bunnies that will be available locally. I'll give more details later.


  1. i wish i was part of your family!! cant wait to see what you are up to, thanks for the sneak peek.
    %*_*% rosey

  2. How exciting! The Spoonflower fabric looks great- will it be sold as a kit?

  3. Yes, This Spoonflower order will be part of a new cloth doll collection I hope to have available as kits this Spring.

  4. is wonderful!!!I´m spanish my english is very bad,but your photos and toys are very nice.Congratulations

  5. Hello you blog is wonderful,I´m sorry but my english is very bad.Your toys are very nice,congratulations

  6. Congrats on your huge order! You create wonderful things.


  7. These toys are beautiful!
    My favourite is thy penguin!

  8. I just found you from One Pretty Thing. I downloaded two of your offerings. Thank you!

    I have been tempted to try Spoonflower. How fun to see you do it!

    I'm going to check out your blog now. So much fun. I love what I have seen here already.


  9. Beautiful toys and congratulations on your big order. Welcome to the world of buying by the bolt. I live in a sea of polar fleece


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