Outdoor craft shows are sucky!

Go ahead, laugh. I did, until I realized that the collapsed tent was mine when I arrived this morning. Its not a good feeling finding your tent knocked over to the side with all your display stuff sitting outside of your tent, soaking wet. :( This is what was left of my EZ Up tent after the high winds hit and twisted the frame into a pretzel. I thought I did everything I was suppose to, as far as weighing down the tent yet this happens.

Needless to say I'm done with the outdoor craft show thing. It certainly takes a strong person to deal with the fickle weather and hawking art goods outside. Next time you see me at a craft show it will be INDOORS away from the wind, rain and heat. Buh BYE outdoor craft shows!

Please learn from my mistakes.
1. If you leave your tent over night in strong wings lower your tent roof by bringing the legs down. Not only will your tent have a lower profile but the legs will double in strength because they fit together into one solid leg reducing the chance of bending.
2. If you can't stake your legs because you are on pavement you must get the heavy weights that are placed on the feet of the tent to prevent it from sliding because of the strong winds.
3. The hanging cement PVC weights will keep your tent from lifting off like a hot air balloon but they will also pull down your tent if the legs are swept from underneath. Please follow 1. and 2. to prevent this from happening.


  1. So sorry for the bad experience! you have to come out to California to do the show at the beach, and get your tan while selling goodies!

  2. i know the feeling, although i was lucky enough to not have our tent blow over...i am now indoors sharing with 2 other gorgeous ladies. it certainly is much nicer to restock rather than taking all of my items each time.
    good luck with the indoor stalls!

  3. Oh no!!!! The bright side is that you have learned something and are able to make others aware so that they do not have the same experience. :)

  4. Oh i am so sorry to hear about your bad experience.I can understand how you feel when you see all these things.But you have learn something new from this incidence and i hope you will be aware of it for next time as well and you can make aware about the incidence.

    Thank you
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