Toys From My Collection

These are some of the toys I've picked up through the years. Some are vintage, some are new and some are made by me and other artists. I've always been attracted to old toys. I believe thats the reason I started making toys because good antique toys are difficult to find and rather expensive.This particular collection surround me at my computer desk and hutch.

My grandmothers doll, Steiff kitten, Steiff hare hand puppet and miniature White Rabbit doll made by me.

Clown Moody Doll, Steiff duckie, mechanical dancing clown handcrafted by me and Pinnochio miniature doll also made by me.

A mixture of old and new kitschy items I couldn't live without. Some of the toys are picked up on my travels and some are made by toy artists. My favorite happens to be the vintage Charlie Brown in the top left corner. I had seen that doll in a book of mine and wished to have it and year or two later I found in a shop that sold old toys. A Tracy Mcman push puppet and Erica Daley spool dollie are some the artist toys I've purchased.


  1. Thanks for sharing your toy collection. I collect toys from the 1970's and it's fun to see other people's collections.

  2. fantastic! i couldnt take my eyes off the gazebo..did you make that?
    i too surround myself with toys and collectable items. my shadow box is filled with miniatures which would have to be my favourite part of my 'studyio'.
    have a great week

  3. I love your blog and have followed your fabulous creations for a while now!
    But I had to mention, that stuffed elephant you have? I have one exactly like it! <3 I've had him ever since I was a baby, I believe.
    Anyhow, love your work!

  4. Yes ittybitty I made the gazebo from a kit I found in a miniature catalog. I did however give it a different custom roof though. :)

  5. Wow! It is so cool to be able to find others who share the same interest as me. I too, love vintage toys and games. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures! I love that gazebo! And that little cute wheelbarrow too. Hee hee, one of my cuties would look so cute pushing it!


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