The Cutest Little Toy Shop In America!

I recently had the pleasure of designing the outside sign for this charming toy store in Plymouth, Michigan. The Dollhouse and Toy Cottage is an old fashioned toy store that been in business for over 35 years. If I ever had my own shop it would look a lot like this. I just love the pink facade and sloping roof with scallop trim. It matches my brand perfectly. I only wished I lived closer so I could spend hours looking at all the collectible toys inside. Don't you want to visit? Its almost worth a road trip!


  1. ooh established the year i was born..great vintage indeed :)

  2. I just find your BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE blog. you have so many great ideas! I can't take my eyes of it. Great job :-)

    Kisses from Croatia

  3. Oh how wonderful! Just the sweetest little doll house ever! I want to go.

  4. I want to live there! Amazing! Well done. The shutters with the heart cut outs! The curve of the roof! Cotton candy pink! It ticks all the boxes, gorgeous. Lilly x

  5. that shop looks like it was made just for you and your creations! at first I thought you'd designed the shop front, then I re read it and you designed the sign...but it looks like you did the whole building!
    It's's missing something though....maybe a giant fawn out front me thinks ??
    Sarah x
    ps the sign is C.u.t.e.

  6. Oh that would be a perfect "fantastic Toys" Shop! I love it. Has a Swiss Chalet look and is so darn sweet. I would feel like the doll living in the doll house in there! Beautiful sign also :)



    can you design my house?? haha..sorta kiddin:P


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