Cupcake Softie Tutorial

Make a yummy cupcake in your favorite flavor. Decorate it any way you wish, add frosting, sprinkles or fruit. Share a cupcake with a friend or family member.
Celebrate your LOVE of cupcakes.

A PDF version with instructions and pattern is also available for download.

I'd love to see photos of your delicious creations! Post them at the flickr group I created.

Please do not sell the cupcakes. They are to be made for your enjoyment and given away as gifts to family or friends. Please ask me if you can use my photos or tutorial before you post them anywhere else online.

Materials Required
Craft felt
Craft glue
Polyfill stuffing
Embroidery floss

Cut out felt from pattern pieces in your favorite flavor and cup color.

1. Sew up cake side with a backstitch.
2. Gather cake base with a gathering stitch.
3. Stuff cake full with polyfill and pull opening closed with gathering stitch. Secure thread with knot.
4. Sew baking cup side. Pin cup base to side and sew together.
5. Glue eyes on and embroider mouth with embroidery floss.
6. Decorate cupcake to your liking. Add sprinkles, frosting, or strawberries. Add trim or ribbon around cup. Have fun!


  1. Hey Fantastic, it's ellen here, (bonspielcreation on I just wanted to say that your new designs are beautiful and I love how things are evolving. Your creatures are so pure, it makes my teeth ache!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern - I'm just about to give this a go!

  3. I love this!!!

    I would like to share it with all of my friends at All Things Cupcake if that is alright with you.

  4. Oh wow thanks so much for sharing this! can't wait to try it :)

  5. Thanks!!! These are so adorable.

  6. these cupcakes are amazing! thanks so much for sharing the pattern. if i get the time i will make one for my neice, although with my tragic sewing skills I highly doubt my attempt will look as cute.

    would it be alright for me to post the picture of the finished cakes and a link to here on my blog? i'd love to tell my readers about this!

    thanks again!

  7. featured it in my make it monday post...

  8. These are adorable. I have been enjoying a long visit to your blog. Your designs are lovely. ~Kelly

  9. I made one, and it was simple and easy!!! Always gonna be my fav!! :P

  10. how cute I just found your blog, THANK you so much for the tut,Amy

  11. Lovely post! I've featured this tutorial on my website,

  12. This is just the thing I was looking for! Thank you for sharing this. These are too cute! Visit my brand new blog at



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