Christmas has arrived early this year!

I just LOVE this photo. Can't you just see them celebrating and dancing around like the timeless Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer Christmas special? Included in this years Christmas Collection are elves, snow people, whie fawns and whole lot more.


  1. Very cute animals! They have such personality!

  2. Smiling....
    This is the first kiss of Christmas! And a welcome one at that! So wonderful to see art reminiscent of the Christmas's I remember and not all roboted, computerized, and mass produced! Love it....
    And Rudolph, too!

  3. "The first kiss of Christmas!" I love that!

  4. i wish i could afford them all! after getting the polar bear, i'm hooked...

  5. oh my gosh!! I just adore those little snow men.. adore!! you are so talented I am in awe :)

  6. Wow! Fabulously cute!

  7. "The First Kiss of Christmas" ~
    I LOVE that TOO!
    This is why your babies make me so happy!!! MEMORIES of REAL Christmas, not the computerized bla bla bla.. the simpler times.
    Best Wishes sweets!
    Joelle XO


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