Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Mothers Day 1986 - Me, Grandma and Mom


... for believing in me and my business.

... for all your support over the years and being my biggest fan by buying so much of my stuff. 

... for helping me at shows and being so nice to my customers. 

... for doing something silly to make us laugh hysterically all day. Like loosing your tooth!

... for helping me set up and take down in the heat, wind, rain and snow.

... for helping me make all that stuff for that huge wholesale order and recruiting others to help finish.

... for all your advice and listening to me yammer on about my dreams for the future.

... for being so generous!

... for being a good Mom!

Thank you for letting me be ME!

Happy Mothers Day!
Love ya

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  1. That is sweet. I miss my mom now. I think Im gona call her. great post!


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