New Printables for 2012

 As I look at my 2011 list of goals I realize I did pretty good. Didn't quite get to all of them but I did finish my main goal, a professional website with a cart. For 2012 I plan to focus on printables. Above is an addition to my Alice in Wonderland collection. This Alice Party Set will feature a very fun paper tea set and wonderful pocket watch invitation.

I'm also working on a cute bird collection. I just finished the paper shape of the little bird below. The collection will include a cuckoo clock, birdcage and bird house.


  1. Tim--you are ridiculously talented!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited about the new kits coming out this year! I saw the preview for the Alice party printables this morning, and they're perfect.

    Maybe sometime this year we can talk about hand embroidery patterns again. :)


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