Super Duper Crafty Mom!

It amazes me how some Moms can put together such elaborate parties for their children. One such mom is Elle Belle. Her garden themed U-Pick Party involved so much attention and thought it boggles my mind. My hats off to her! Some of the handmade highlights of the beautifully coordinated party were custom garden aprons for the children and fruit dip for the parents. When I was a kid I was lucky enough to get a cake from the grocery store and my favorite meal. Anyways check out the details and photos of the special event. :)
My paper gnomes and fawn were lucky to be part of the event as take home treats for the guests.

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  1. The gnomes and fawn were the perfect guests... so well behaved the entire party... they almost stole the show!
    Thanks for featuring my party, I'll definitely be back for more of your handiwork!


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