Featured Artist ~ Ella from Dolls and Bunnies

I recently found these enchanting felt mice from dollsandbunnies while being featured in one of Ella's treasuries. I love the vintage, Beatrix Potter inspired collection of animals she creates. The way she photographs them with cottage photos in the background really adds to the charm of her handmade characters. If you have ever made miniature dolls you can appreciate Ella's work. I've seen tiny felt dolls in the past and I know how difficult it can be to turn those tiny arms and legs. It takes a special kind of patience to do so and Ella never cuts any corners while making her dolls. They are perfect!


  1. ooo they are soo sweet and clever.x

  2. They are seriously cute!! Thanks for sharing. x

  3. I LOVE these! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Well, they ARE perfect!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing discovery

  5. I am so glad that I found this site! Ella is such a sweet person and talented to boot. I have ordered from her and found her service impeccable. Her handcrafted dolls and bunnies are well made, and charming.

    Becky Van Loozen McCarty


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