On the workbench...

Ok, so this may be my favorite paper toy I've designed so far. A working paper marionette of Pinocchio! I've been cooped up all weekend because of the snow storm and was able to make a lot of progress. I have the character down and the technical aspect of making him move correctly is finished. He's fully jointed and will move and dance just like any other marionette. I just need to design the controller and string him up! He should be available shortly.


  1. Awesome! And I love the nutcracker and mouse - thank you! After the holidays, I need to remember to bug you, I mean, ask nicely for a paper toy kitty cat. ;-)

  2. nice blog...

    hope to keep in touch ya... ;)

  3. This is just lovely. I truly believe your workshop looks a lot like a very famous one I've heard if near the north pole. ;)


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