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Back in 2006 when I was setting up my Etsy shop looking for inspiration I found fellow Minneapolis artist Curster. I've been quietly following her growing success over the years and now she has her own B&M on 27th and Lyndale where her wonderful creations are available for sale.

Manufactory which resides in the space of former occupant Robot Love is filled with Erin Currie's fantastical beings along with other collectible toys and gifts. I was amazed at the amount of work that Erin herself has handmade and is available in the shop. I asked her if she ever slept or drank lots of coffee to accomplish so much. Besides collectible toys she also designs clothing and paints which is evident in some of the dolls she makes. Below are some of the frilly dolls that carry over her fashion sense.

Being a second generation shop owner Erin shared her experience of working in her mothers Scandinavian handicraft shop painting faces on gnomes. Her goal for Manufactory is to have a shop where other artists can sell their work and provide a space for them to create as well. Erin's passion is evident and work ethic incomparable. With those two attributes I'm sure her shop will be a smashing success. If you're in the area check it out!

Mushroom Forest Collection

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