Mushroom Hill Printable Paper Playsets

Welcome to Mushroom Hill! I have always imagined a land of rolling hills covered with mushroom cottages where my characters could frolic and play. Its hard to believe that every one of these characters I've illustrated here have been made in a plush version beforehand. Typically an artist will make a soft toy from an illustration but I tend to work the other way around. I like to work out the form and character by sculpting it in fabric, then I capture it as an illustration.

My first paper toy was the gnome mushroom cottage pictured last. I have now added two new cottages to the collection. A fairy mushroom cottage and a mushroom cottage dollhouse complete the collection. I have to say the dollhouse with the tiny paper furniture is my favorite. It features Gnomie and all of her animal friends. Gnomie tends to the animals of the forest and they are always welcome at her home for tea and peanut butter cookies.The playsets can be found in my etsy shop.


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