The Cutest Little Toy Shop In America!

I recently had the pleasure of designing the outside sign for this charming toy store in Plymouth, Michigan. The Dollhouse and Toy Cottage is an old fashioned toy store that been in business for over 35 years. If I ever had my own shop it would look a lot like this. I just love the pink facade and sloping roof with scallop trim. It matches my brand perfectly. I only wished I lived closer so I could spend hours looking at all the collectible toys inside. Don't you want to visit? Its almost worth a road trip!

Cute Paper Sewing Machine

I'm having fun designing some new toys. In the past I've put so many projects on hold because of wholesale or custom orders. Now, its my goal to finish some of those items and just CREATE and design new items! I've neglected the paper toys and am currently working on a few. Heres a sneak peek of a series I'd like to do of crafty mascots. I'd like to add more characters to this series. If you have any ideas for more crafty mascots, let me know. :)

MIA - Foot in the Door 4

Foot in the Door is an event thats held every 10 years at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. If your artwork fits in a 12" cube your accepted to participate in the states largest art exhibition. Three gallery spaces are filled from floor to ceiling with artwork from over 5000 artists. 3-D sculpture was displayed in the middle from one end to the other. I found my pink fawn in the midst of a variety of artwork. Check out the good, the bad and the ugly! The exhibit runs through June 13 and the admission is always free.

Where could my piece be in all this stuff?

Representing the plush!


My biggest plush to date! At 2 feet tall and 4 lbs she's my symbol to THINK BIG and follow my dreams. I have always wanted to make a large scale version of my signature pink fawn. I started Sunday night with piecing together the pattern enlarged from my copy printer. By Tuesday night I had finished her with the last stitch of her embroidered eyelashes. I imagine her to be the focal point of my fantasy toy store or perhaps she'll make an appearance at my next show. ;)

Fawnzilla 24"
Original Fawn 10"

Easter Sweets

With Easter just around the corner its time to unveil my newest plush characters. There is something about a duck that just makes me laugh and smile. They're such a goofy bird and I knew I had to design one for my collection. One thing led to another and well I couldn't have a Mama Duck without a bunch of baby ducklings.. sooo why not have a whole duck family as part of my Easter collection.

Each baby duckling sits in a round box covered with felt and felt flowers. The girls are dressed in a removable bonnet and the boys wear a mob cap and gingham tie.There is just enough room in the box to add a few Easter treats of your own. These darling ducklings will surely be treasured by someone special as an Easter gift. Visit my Etsy shop for more details.

Papa and Mama Duck

Baby Bunka Printed Cloth Doll Tutorial

Baby Bunka loves lollipops and her little Scotty dog.
Will you be her Valentine?

Baby Bunka and her little Scotty are printed cloth dolls made with computer printer fabric. If you haven't heard of computer printer fabric its fabric paper you can run through your ink jet printer and print directly onto the fabric. It has a variety of uses such as pillows, quilting and of course I use it to make toys. I purchase mine at the local Joanns in the quilting section. Otherwise Dharma Trading Co. is a good source to find it online. Computer fabric paper will only work with ink jet printers. It will not work with laser printers. Enjoy!

For personal use only. Commercial use prohibited.

Materials Required

Computer Printer Fabric
Calico Print Fabric
Ink Jet Printer

1. Print PDF onto computer printer fabric. Follow instructions from the printer fabric you purchase.
2. Cut out doll and pin right sides together to calico print of your choice. The back side of doll will be a nice print or solid color. Cut out calico print around the doll.
3. Sew doll together with about a 1/8” seam leaving a small opening for stuffing.
4. Clip Curves. Turn right side out. Stuff Bunka with polyfill and close opening with a ladder stitch.
5. Repeat process for Scotty dog and lollipop. Use a wooden skewer or toothpick for lolli stick.

Favorite Artist ~ Myko Bocek

Feast your eyes upon Myko Bocek sweet pom-pom critters. When I first saw Myko's adorable treasures I must of let out a couple of squeals because they are soooo CUTE. Her meticulous sculpted pom pom animals have a vintage charm that makes them highly collectible. In fact she sells out right after she lists her cuties. Check out her blog, shes currently having a giveaway for a Valentines Day mouse.

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