Its Official-HGTV Airdate!

I'm almost afraid to post this buts its official I finally have an air date for a segment I filmed for HGTVs Thats Clever. Back in the Spring of 2007 I filmed a six minute segment for over six hours. Four people including a producer, director, camera guy and sound guy took over my tiny apartment and filmed me demonstrating the craft of making a miniature giraffe doll. The segment features the full tutorial from the sculpting, baking, painting and dressing the miniature doll. It was a grueling process.. between the multiple takes and my newly discovered stuttering problem I managed to get through the segment. I learned a lot from the experience- mostly that I'm not cut out for television. Frankly jumping out of an airplane would of been more comfortable. :) Thank goodness my mother was there for moral support. So years later its finally airing. With so many other shows in the can I guess it takes awhile to get on air. Heres a photo of the giraffe doll featured and setting up for filming.


  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful! I'll certainly do my best to catch it, the doll looks really neat.

    Although I can imagine fitting into cars might be difficult for him...
    Oh wait, sunroof!

  2. Holy Moly, finally!! I can't wait to see it! That giraffe is so dapper. I'm sure you'll be great! They cut my episode together and it looked awesome. Though I could still barely watch it! :-D

  3. WOW!The giraffe is amazing! I am going to see if I can schedule the episode to tape yet!! So exciting! I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  4. Congratulations!

    A ceramic buddy of mine also did an episode for them and it was also delayed a long time. But finally aired recently-- so it will happen! :)


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