Disneys Back!

I'm so happy Disney 2-D animation is alive and well! A few years ago when Disney announced they would not make any more 2-D animation for theatrical release I was so saddened. I grew up with the art of Disney and it has inspired me artistically more than anything else. As much as I like computer generated animation nothing compares to the artistry of hand drawn animation.

I've been anticipating the opening of The Princess and the Frog since I first heard about it. This movie has all the bells and whistles of any classic Disney movie. The animation is beautifully rendered and some of the musical sequences are a toe tapping blast. The characters are a hoot and should be well remembered with the cast of current Disney favorites.
I'm glad to see Disney is back to its traditional roots.


  1. I'm glad about the 2D animation as well. I posted about it too. I also made some Princess Tiana ornaments with a tutorial. I hope that Disney will make efforts in the future to give us more 2D animation. I love it!

  2. I am just too happy that Disney turned back to the dear "old school"... I grew up watching all its films, my favourite was Robin Hood and I watched it so many times that the tape eventually broke!!! I hope Disney will make more 2D animations in the future!

  3. OH MY GOD
    SOOOO excited!!
    I've not even heard about it. Nothing beats Aristocats though...

  4. I just watched it the other night.
    To be honest I'm not sure what to make of it though I guess I liked it.

    I detected references to quite a few Disney Classics which I thought was kinda fun.


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