Five Fun Freebies from Fantastic Toys

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This is the sweetest set of paper toys. It would make a great activity for a rainy day or when the kids are getting a little bored. The shapes are fairly simple to cut out so even the younger children can give it a try.

I have designed two new toys to go with my original set. The Gnomie Paper Doll has got to be my favorite. While she wears a nightie for bedtime she also has three additional outfits to wear. One outfit is for apple picking, another for gardening and a cute little dress she wears while naturing animals.

Also included in the gnome inspired paper toys set is a movable paper puppet, three finger puppets, a hanging mobile and a fun game of gnome bowling.

Only a couple of household materials is required to make the paper toys. Download the set to your home computer and print on 60 lb. cardstock at your convenience. Have Fun!

Materials Required

Paper Fasteners
Wooden Ball

Hanging Mobile

Gnomie Paper Doll with three outfits.

Fantastic Toys Powderhorn Art Fair

My first outdoor craft show didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped it would. The weather forecast had been predicting thunderstorms all weekend and sure enough the night before it rained soaking my tent through and through. Thankfully I set up my inventory the day of so nothing was damaged ...just a leaky wet tent. Minutes before the show was about to start, black ominous clouds rolled in overhead and nasty winds forced us to shut everything thing up. Eventually the rain subsided but the winds continued to blow knocking my pretty things onto the wet ground. The first day was so disappointing I thought I would never do another show again.

Day two went much better. The weather was beautiful.. sunny and cool. I was much more optimistic. I made some corrections to some of the problems from the day before and the day was much less stressful. I never reached my sales goal but I ended the day with more experience and looking forward to the next outdoor show. In fact I received an invitational award to return next year.

Etsy Milestone

5000 hearts last week.. YEAH!

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